A Story since 1904

Let’s imagine the story of Titanus as a unique  tale of a great film.

A story that starts in 1904 and continues nowadays with a succession of scenes, protagonists, settings, unforgettable moments of cinema, which seem to be part of a single, exciting story.

The story of a large family, the Lombardo family.

From its founder, Gustavo Lombardo, who in the early 1900s perceived by intuition the extraordinary potential of the new means of expression “cinema” and together with his wife, the actress Leda Gys, produced dozens of films, many of which saw her as the main actress.

A story that continues with his son, Goffredo Lombardo, seen in the extraordinary documentary “L’Ultimo Gattopardo” (2010), which was a tribute by Giuseppe Tornatore to the man who produced his directorial debut with the film “Il Camorrista”.

Thanks to the meeting between Goffredo Lombardo with some of the most authoritarian and well-known protagonists of the cinematic industry, many stories have been produced and distributed, tied together by the Brand of Titanus: from the italian movie comedies such as “Pane, Amore e Fantasia..”to Dario Argento’s horror films, from masterpieces such as “L’Ultimo Gattopardo” , to little musicians, detective stories, from colossuls to the 1st TV Series.

And if we think of Titanus as a great story, we also think about all of its great faces : Totò, Sophia Loren, Mastroianni, Verdone, Pasolini, De Sica, Bava, Wertmuller, Scola, Olmi, Fellini, Moretti, Bud Spencer… impossible to mention them all, but they make the story of Titanus.

Each with their own role.

Each with their own story.

A story that also talks about our story, the story of a country, with unforgettable movies such as “La Ciociara” and “Rocco e i suoi fratelli” which leave an indelible cultural testimony for all the years to come.

A story, that of Titanus which today sees Goffredo son, Guido Lombardo, leading the company.

A history that must be preserved.

Titanus is in fact constantly busy in restoration and digitization of the 373 titles of Titanus library, in order to guarantee their diffusion on a national and international level.

With over 1.500 stories produced and distributed, Titanus continues its story with new and major national and international productions.

For Titanus, the end of a story is always the beginning of a new one.