Titanus Elios

Titanus is considered the unique example of “Made in Italy studios”, in fact it is the only active production and distribution company in Italy with its own cine-television production studio, called Titanus Elios.

Titanus Elios was born from the joint venture between Titanus S.p.A. and RTI S.p.A. (Mediaset),

which in addition to holding part of the property (30%) is also the exclusive conductor of the whole centre, where the main television programs of “Canale 5” are recorded and produced.

The Elios Studios are located in Via Tiburtina 1361, 13 kilometers from the center of Rome, and have a total area of ​​almost 200,000 m2 made up as follows:

  • N. 7 Film studios with annexed service and technical rooms;
  • N. 2 Office buildings with service rooms and accessories;
  • N. 1 Building part of the offices and part of the electrical substation;
  • N. 2 Buildings used as technological rooms;
  • N. 1 Warehouse for sets, costumes and environments;
  • No. 1 Mediaset transmission tower for Central-Southern Italy and the Islands;
  • Various external arrangements, squares, parking lots and greenery, part for company use and part for agriculture.