The Camorrist – The Series, returns at the 18th edition of the Festa del Cinema di Roma

The most anticipated event series of the year premiered at the 18th edition of the Rome Film Festival.

The Camorrist, the first and never-before-seen series by Oscar®️ award winner Giuseppe Tornatore, returns to light 38 years after the release of his eponymous debut film.

Five episodes produced by Titanus Production and RTI and distributed by Minerva Pictures.

An exceptional red carpet with Academy Award® winner Giuseppe Tornatore, the cast composed by Leo Gullotta, Nicola Di Pinto, Cloris Brosca and Marzio Honorato, Titanus SPA President Guido Lombardo together with CEO Massimo Veneziano, Titanus Production CEO Maria Grazia Saccà and the entire team that worked on the project.

“A 38-year-old series that looks like it was shot in today’s times.
We are proud to have made Giuseppe Tornatore’s first film.
Proud to be friends of Giuseppe Tornatore.”

This is how President Guido Lombardo concluded the press conference presentation of Il Camorrista – La Serie, a project in which he first believed and which he carried on for a year together with the Titanus team.