Maria Grazia Saccà takes the helm of Titanus Production 

The new independent production company of Titanus S.p.A.

Rome, June 19, 2023 – Maria Grazia Saccà has been appointed as the CEO and Producer of Titanus Production, an independent production entity that will produce films, TV series, documentaries, TV commercials, and video content.

Born within the historic and prestigious Italian production and distribution company Titanus S.p.A., Titanus Production is established through a merger and acquisition (M&A) operation with C.I.A.O. S.r.l., Maria Grazia Saccà’s independent production company. Saccà and her team are entrusted with carrying out the production of all projects. 

Maria Grazia Saccà brings her decade-long experience and determination to Titanus Production. Recognizing the exceptional quality of Italian production and the talent that distinguishes it, Maria Grazia and her team aim to support creativity, imagination, and authors’ ability to take creative risks. “At Titanus Production, we focus on directors and screenwriters with a unique and distinctive point of view; talents capable of offering the audience a path of discovery, an emotional experience that triggers deep thoughts and considerations.”

I am honored to assume this position and, above all, I am excited to face new challenges and adventures in a world that has seen me grow. Titanus is the oldest and most prestigious Italian production company, and I am proud and grateful to have been entrusted with the task of projecting its productions into the new millennium. I believe that the female perspective introduces new relational, business, creative, and aesthetic approaches to the audiovisual world, enriching and diversifying the vast heritage of Italian imagination. By my side, leading Titanus Production, I can rely on a fantastic all-female team (with a couple of vigorous male contributions!), composed of brilliant professionals in the industry,” emphasizes Saccà.

Before joining Titanus Production, Maria Grazia Saccà held important and diverse roles, first as a producer for R.T.I., then as the CEO of Pepito Produzioni, and subsequently as the CEO of C.I.A.O. S.r.l. Over the years, she has consolidated her reputation as a prominent figure in the audiovisual and entertainment industry, gaining valuable experience in various sectors of the audiovisual production chain.

Furthermore, thanks to the solid network developed over the years by Maria Grazia, Titanus Production intends to invest in talents, have faith in their ability to tell unique, diverse, and even outlandish stories, and aims to create an offering that can strategically include multiple generations and tastes at the same time.