The Camorrist – The first and only series directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

The Camorrist – Giuseppe Tornatore’s series, shot at the same time as the Oscar®-winning director’s debut film of the same name and never aired, was presented in its current version, produced by Titanus Production and RTI – Mediaset and distributed by Minerva Pictures, at the 18th edition of the Rome Film Festival.

“Curious fate that of my first film, Il Camorrista. In order to make it, producer Goffredo Lombardo of Titanus proposed that I also make a serialized version for television. A gamble ahead of its time, we were in 1985, the serial fever was still far away, but thanks to Lombardo’s farsightedness we had the budget necessary to realize the project.”

Thus Oscar® winner Giuseppe Tornatore in presenting his first and unreleased series at the 18th edition of the Rome Film Festival.

The current five-part version was produced by Titanus and RTI and is distributed by Minerva Pictures.

The restoration was supervised by Tornatore himself.

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