“Silver Notes”: 3 Titanus chapters at the exhibition dedicated to the Master of Horror

Cinecittà pays a tribute to Dario Argento’s cinema, restoring his best-known movies, which were given a world premiere at the “House of cinema” from the 4th to the 8th of May 2022.

The selection of 6 titles, called “Silver Notes” had music as its leitmotif, which has always been a great and unmistakable protagonist of Argento’s movies.

At the opening night in which the author took part, was introduced the book “Dario Argento – two or three things we know about him” edited by Steve della Casa and published by Cinecittà – Electa and there was also the President Guido Lombardo as a guest of the event.

The movies belonging to Titanus library screened during the exhibition were: “The Bird with crystal plumage” (1970), “Tenebre” (1982) and “Phenomena” (1985).