Titanus and Luiss Business School together for the creation of a documentary about the production company founded by Gustavo Lombardo

Students of Master in film and television production management and writing school for cinema and tv of Luiss Business School will be directed by Professor Luca Pirolo to talk about Titanus.

Students will in fact be asked to write a documentary about the history and future of the company under the coordination of Marco Spagnoli (journalist, director, movie critic and professor of Luiss Business School).

The collaboration , also supported by Francesca Tauriello ( co-director of the writing school for cinema and tv) includes a visit at the historical headquarters of Titanus, the possibility to make interviews with the CDA and the viewing and selection of useful archive materials in order to talk about the story of the production company in a project that will turn into a documentary.

A unique opportunity for students who will have the chance to get to know one of the longest running production houses in the world, that possesses over 1.500 movies produced and distributed, from silent cinema to nowadays and which is a reflection of our country’s history.

Totò, Sophia Loren, Dario Argento and Giuseppe Tornatore are just some of the faces discovered by Titanus which, with a view to constantly innovate its products has made the pioneering spirit one of its main characteristics.

A precious and unique past that however has not exhausted the creative power of one of the families that has made the history of italian cinema: today, with the 3rd generation, the company intends to open up to new languages and opportunities that the world of cinema offers, always looking towards the future but never forgetting the roots that have consecrated it in the past.

The documentary will be the result of an academic and training journey for the students, a journey that began with a Masterclass at Villa Blanc (headquarters of Luiss Business school) held by Massimo Veneziano (CEO of Titanus), Simone Conti (Vice president of Titanus) and with a  special introduction by the president of Titanus Guido Lombardo.

Finally followed the vision of the documentary entitled “L’Ultimo Gattopardo” by Giuseppe Tornatore, an unpublished and authoritative portrait of “Goffredo Lombardo” transmitted in the prestigious and recently restored cinema hall of Titanus historical headquarters.